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A4+ Aluminum frames 35cm x 43cm (14"x17")

Excluding. 20% VAT Price incl. VAT: €19,19
  • Frame Outside Dimension: 35cm x 43cm
  • Frame Inside Dimension: 29cm x 37cm
  • Mesh Color:
White (mesh count ≤ 180)
Yellow (mesh count ≥200)
  • Tension: 22N/cm
  • MAX Scoop Coater Size: 25cm
  • MAX Squeegee Size: 25cm

Here is a simple guide that will help in choosing the right mesh counts for the right job:

Mesh Count: 25, 40 – Usage: Coarse Glitter Inks

Mesh Count: 60, 86 – Usage: Specialty inks, such as puff or high-density, fine shimmers, glitters, or metallics

Mesh Count: 110, 155 – Usage: Use where a large deposit of ink is needed, such as athletic numbers, printing white on black fabric, low-detail art, or heavy white ink

Mesh Count: 160, 180, 200 – Usage: Good for printing under base white to create a softer overall feel, good medium-sized mesh count for medium-detailed artwork. The 200-count mesh can be a happy medium screen selection for when a 230 mesh is too fine and a 155 mesh is too coarse.

Mesh Count: 230, 280, 305 – Usage: Low ink deposit, works well for halftone printing, simulated process, or CMYK process printing

Mesh Count: 355 – Usage: Very low ink deposit, generally used by very experienced printers only. Often used for printing 65 line or higher halftones for very detailed images


NOTE for screen printing beginners:

If you are not sure at the beginning which screen printing frame to order and which cover is best for your printing project, please choose the 55T/140 meshed frame first. These screens are more or less versatile in textile printing. You can use it to print on light and dark T-shirts, bags, or hoodies. If you don't want to print textiles like T-shirts, but plan to print graphics on paper, cardboard or PVC, then it would make sense to buy a screen printing frame covered with 80T/200 or 90T/230 screen.

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