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DIY Screen Printing Kit

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The Screen Printing Kit will bring all your T-Shirt ideas to life and can turn fun into profit. Whether you're a beginning screen printer, starting a small business, or simply screen printing for fun, JUST PRINT IT.


Which screen printing accessories are included in the screen printing KIT?

  • 1x Screen printing press with plate 45x55cm
  • 1x Screen printing frame (37x 42cm, 120 mesh)
  • 1x Exposure unit (300 Watt)
  • 1x Scoop coater for emulsion (27cm)
  • 1x Screen printing squeegee with wooden handle (25cm)
  • 1x 300g WHITE screen printing ink (water-based)
  • 1x 300g BLACK screen printing ink (water-based)
  • 1x Spray adhesive for attaching the textiles to the pressure plate (280g)
  • 1x 200ml All-purpose solvent and water-resistant photo emulsion
  • 1x 200ml Autoprep Gel is a surface roughness pre-treatment for polyester and nylon mesh prior to stencil application
  • 1x 200ml Universal Mesh Prep it's a thickened liquid to degrease and improve the wetting characteristics of all meshes
  • 1x Stainless steel ink spatula
  • 1x Screen tape, for residue-free masking of open areas in the screen
  • 10x Inkjet film A4
  • 1x Scrub Brush for cleaning


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