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PD90 1- Color Screen Printing Press

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This machine can directly place on the desk, it is mainly used in the one color screen printing.

The machine is especially suitable for printing many designs in one screen frame. By moving the screen frame or the pallet, we can print designs on the different positions of the T-shirt.

The functions and features:

1) According to the height of the substrate, chuck of the screen frame can adjust 4 cm from top to bottom;

2) According to the needs, the pallet can adjust 10 cm from front to back;

3) When the screen frame is fixed in the middle, the chuck and the screen frame can move 20cm from left to right.

4) According to adjust the angle of the chuck, the machine can print the product with an angle of ±12degree.

5) By adjusting the turnbuckle to suit different weight screen frames ;

6) Fixing the screen frame adopts an aluminum alloy pressing plate, and it can make the screen frame more stable;

7) When lifting up the screen frame, the angle can be adjusted by adjusting the screw.

8) This machine is a detachable structure, the user can install and use the machine according to the specifications and configuration of the full set of tools.


Applicable frame size

All of our screen printing frames from the small A4 to the oversized A2 + frame can be conveniently clamped into this machine. The print head accepts screen frames with a profile thickness of up to 4 cm.


Press Size (Without Frame)

90 x 49 x 36 cm

Printing Plate

55 x 45 cm


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